Label: Fresh Sound Records
Alon Farber (ss, as)
Hagai Amir (as)
Uzi Finerman (g)
Tal Ronen (b)
Dani Benedikt (d)
Avishai Cohen (tp on #2,3,4)


Reference: FSNT-228
Bar code: 8427328422284


The Hagiga Quintet, formed in 2001 in Tel-Aviv by Alon Farber and Dani Bemedikt, joins together five musicians who seek new connections with jazz and contemporary music. The Hagiga is a unique group that combines original compositions, in varios styles (swing, funk, latin jazz, jazz) with group improvisation and free interaction. 
The compositions are inspired by the music of Wayne Shorter and Dave Douglas. From there the Hagiga takes off to create a new exciting atmosphere, spiced with mediterranean taste.


01. Illusions swamp 5:36
02. Monkeys 10:39
03. Hagiga 7:37
04. Jinji serenade 4:49
05. A chat with Ornette 5:36
06. Mi ze Itzik? 6:02
07. Run Itzik, run! 6:04

08. Runnin' out 1:37

All selections written and arranged by Alon Farber. Recorded at Zaza Studios in Kyrat Shaul, Israel on June 2003

Executive producer: Jordi Pujol



9848a8_254c6987cc7c4267bf014b0a1a98acd6.jpgOptimistic View
Label: Fresh Sound Records
Alon Farber, soprano & baritone sax, compositions
Hagai Amir, alto saxophone
Omri Mor, piano
Amos Hoffman, guitar & oud
Hagai Cohen-Milo, bass
Dani Benedikt, drums & arrangements
recorded Sept-2006 by Bill Tzur at Bardo Studios,
Tel-Aviv, Israel. Executive Producer: Jordi Pujol


Recorded in Israel, Alon Farber and his group Hagiga, this time augmented to a sextet, delivers here with only promising potential for the future. Farber definitely has his own unique voice in his compositions. As in the previous project for the label Exposure FSNT228 the unit walks around his own interesting combination of both advanced jazz and Jewish music, filled with talent by saxophonist, arranger-composer Alon Farber, with altoist Hagai Amir, pianist Omri Mor, Amos Hoffman on guitar and oud, bassist Hagai Cohen-Milo and bands co-founder Dani Benedikt on drums. A record for anyone who is wanting to hear a new voice emerging in the jazz scene.

01. Optimistic View 7:26
02. Mystic Seven 7:55
03. Smile of the cat 8:12
04. Don Avignion 5:23
05. Kundalini 6:06
06. Zambura 9:10
07. Bird Cry - Takasim 8:54 




Alon Farber, soprano sax
Hagai Amir, alto sax
Oded Meir, trombone
Tomer Bar, piano (2-5, 6, 9)
Gadi Lehavi, piano (1, 7, 8)
Assaf Hakimi, double bass
Dani Benedikt, drums
Joca Perpignan, percussion (2-5, 9)


Recorded at Bardo Studios, Tel-Aviv, Israel


01. Green Lizard, 8:55
New Directions Suite:
02. (a) Night Walk, 2:47
03. (b) Short Dream, 0:53
04. (c) Dawn Dance, 5:54
05. (d) Seven Four Seven, 4:00
06. Ofer (dedicated to Ofer Levy), 4:23
07. Like Farb, 5:25
08. Minuet for Maya, 5:47
09. One for Uchshplup, 5:56