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Ichiro Onoe is a Japanese drummer who incorporates numerous rhythms and percussion styles in his own music: the harmony of John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Weather Report, Bob Mintzer and melodies of his Asian origin.


Jazz is sacred in Japan. Jazz plays a big role in the centers of Tokyo and especially in Osaka. According to the Buddhist doctrine, called "Bukkyo" in Japan, there are many wisdoms like "No matter how difficult yesterday was, you can always start again in today" or "You are not on earth to be unhappy. But happiness is only the inner peace. Learn to find him. You can do it. Overcome yourself and you will overcome the world "perfectly together with the musical form of jazz, it is equally universal. For Ichiro Onoe, jazz is more than the world, jazz is a never-ending source of wisdom.

The last published album "Wind Child" (Label: Promised Land) shows this in an impressive way. The title track "Wind Child" is a composition that Onoe wrote while still in his native Japan. It treats the feeling of what it is like to stand out in a dream and be in limbo. Other pieces, such as "What Do You Want" or "Reda" are also associated with the experience of the composer Onoe. The album is a colorful short story of his musical world, which is full of emotions.


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