Gypsy Fire, 2019


 Melanie Bong - voc, comp
Lulo Reinhardt - guitars
Tizian Jost - piano
Eduardo Dudu Penz - bass
Bastian Jütte - drums
Romeo - voc 'C'est Si Bon'




Gypsy Dream, 2006

"Gypsies go to heaven" was inspired by an old russian movie and also felt it was time to say something social.
It's a walz and great Fritz Pauer playing the piano gives it a very special feeling.


Johannes Enders - sax

Fritz Pauer - piano
Christian Diener - bass
Rick Hollander - drums




The lyric of "Pansies" is a poem by the Austrian poet Joe Singer. Flowting Bossa Ballad, that takes you to a warm and peaceful place...listen and enjoy!


Johannes Enders - sax
Martin Wöss - piano and keys
Fernando Correa - guitar

Adelhard Roidinger - bass
Gregor Hilbe - drums